All parts in this group are Arduino shields. They are called shields because they must be mounted on an Arduino board. But if they are fitted on a Arduino board, they will occupy a lot of pins. You will have to decide whether you don`t mind losing a lot of pins. It may even be so that your shield provides you with better connections. But usually for most functions you can also get bricks (they include extra hardware) or breakouts (just a pin-out of some chip).

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/robotigs/documentatie/plaatjes/proto1_small.pngProtoschild Mega2560
/robotigs/icons/protoshieldUno_icon.pngProtoschild UnoV3
Just wait till your 57....
Afb 1: Wifi shield ESP13

Just wait till your 57....
Afb 2: Proto shield 2016-04-01

Just wait till your 57....
Afb 3: Protoshield