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  • Gebruiksaanwijzing schuifschakelaar
  • Het 1sheeld bordje gebruikt de seriële verbinding om te communiceren met de microcontroller. Daarom moet de schuifschakelaar ("UART Switch") op `open` worden gezet om sketches te kunnen uploaden. Na het uploaden moet de "UART Switch" weer op gesloten worden gezet om het programma te kunnen testen.

1sheeld is a shield that extends your Arduino board with the sensors and actuators of your mobile phone. 1Sheeld connects to your phone using Bluetooth. Supports iOs and Android versions starting 4.0 and up only. You can use your mobile for example as game-pad or as a steering wheel or have your robot talking to you. We will use it for example as an extended interface between the cockpit and any mobile robot.


he 1Sheeld contains several switches. Power 3.3Vdc or 5Vdc, set to 5Vdc because my Arduino mega 2560 board is running at 5Vdc. Next to that switch a reset button. One blue LED starts to flicker at power up and about every 5 seconds a green LED blinks twice. Then I open 1sheeld on my phone and it asks me to scan. This connects with the shield and now the green and orange LED are blinking. Default password for connection is 1234.


You will have to download and install the 1sheeld library in the IDE. Then you can include the 1sheeld functions in an easy way into your Arduino programs. After an annoying session to obtain an email. 1 thumb down for 1sheeld.

1Sheeld shields to implement
Internet We need this shield to give the robot instructions and to read data like GPS and course etc. We have an extra page about the implementation of 1Sheeld Internet. There are several solutions if you want to integrate wifi in your Arduino project.
GPS Outdoors positioning of the robot. No bearings given.
Orientation Might be useful for driving a straight course as well. Gives bearings.
Magnetometer Acts like a compass as well. Looks like Orientation.
GLCD Acts like a compass as well. Looks like Orientation.

Own page: Skype, Gamepad. Those are impressive functions to implement in any mobile robot and to run them all at the same time. 1Sheeld is fun -:).

Microphone Not needed for Skype since Skype uses its own microphone settings
  • Accelerometer
    Just another sensor. Airbags etc.
  • Email
    Ultimately annoying.
  • Terminal
    The terminal shield is used to inform the system manager, eventually also user. It does not display the same information as the serial monitor. But this system also provides an mobile user input system. If this should be redundant it might be better to use a graphical display. Syntax
  • Text to speech
    Take enough time for each sentence to hear, because sending a new sentence will kill the running sentence. Funny, but unfortunately only useful for the English language.
  • Camera
    Positioning of the robot? Object recognizing?
  • Clock
    Might be useful for data logging.
  • Datalogging
    Might be useful automated training sessions.
  • Proximity
    Dunno yet. functionality must be tested when mounted.
  • Temperature
    StringToFloat. Just another sensor.
  • Pressure
    Just another sensor.
  • Barometer?
    Just another sensor.
  • light-sensor
    Just another sensor. Switch on the lights.
  • Gyroscope
    Just another sensor. Or can it steer a bipod?
NFC Tags useful in a robot?

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Sketch voorbeeld  1Sheeld Text to Speech
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Laatste verandering  2021-12-20

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Brains 1Sheeld Internet Test  Arduino Mega 2560
Brains Onesheeld Single run Test  Arduino Mega 2560

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mrBoldermin brains

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