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I want to be able to test my moving robot whilst sitting down. To achieve that I use a general TV remote control. An Arduino board needs just 1 pin for an IR TV Remote Receiver to be able to read the data sent by the TV remote. You can use about any remote but there are 2 things in the specification of your TV remote control you will absolutely have to know before you can use a remote in a robot:
  1. Frequency
  2. Protocol
Tested TV remotes Frequency Protocol Distance Angle

/robotigs/documentatie/plaatjes/SRU1060.png Arduino IR control 38 kHz NEC 4 m 60°
This is the standard Arduino IR remote control. Practical and cheap. Powered by 1 CR2025 coin cell Battery 3V Lithium.

/robotigs/documentatie/plaatjes/TvRemoteRC192.png Philips RC19245008/01 24-55 kHz Many 7 m 60°
This one works, but it is not a nice remote to drive a robot. It contains too many knobs to be practically. It is not available anymore (manual).

/robotigs/documentatie/plaatjes/IR_Pict10_2.jpg Provision RC19245008/01 24-55 kHz Many 7 m 60°
Een universele afstandsbediening voor tv etc, ooit gekocht bij Blokker (gebruiksaanwijzing). Procedure to generate a NEC pulse train with this remote control:
  • Keep the blue TV button pressed for minimal 5 seconds until the LED blinks twice.
  • Next enter the 3 digits of the code: bijv. 513 (Zie tabel onder of de gebruiksaanwijzing)
  • The LED will blink twice again as confirmation
336NECWerkt niet met IRsmallDecoder.h, wel met IRremote.h gecombineerd met 1738 of module.
513RC5IRsmallDecoder.h / module = OK. Snelheid van RC5 lijkt ook ok.

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