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Skype perfectly fits to our robot to carry the communication between the mobile robot and the driver at simulator (1Sheeld YouTube).

We want to connect a mobile phone (WiFi) with a static station laptop (WiFi). Therefore we use Skype for the communication between any mobile robot of ours and the driver at the static base station. Skype represents the eyes and ears of the driver.

  • Mobile
    Before using 1Sheeld on the mobile phone, first install Skype from the Playstore. We made a special account for my robot called botbrains, with system password, x.

  • Stationary
    On the an Ubuntu laptop you need Skype Ubuntu. Skype offers something themselves, but it does not install automatically under Ubuntu, so do not use it. The driver can log on to Skype with his personal account. Under Ubuntu Skype appears as a green icon in the status bar (yellow when connected). Besides we use the internet 1sheeld shield to receive sensor values and to giver commands.

The normal procedure is that the mobile robot is somewhere out there and that we are calling in from our static base station. However, this is not directly possible since 1Sheeld does not offer the possibility to reply to a call, only to make a call it self. That means that we have to invoke the Skype connection by telling the mobile robot to create the connection. Meaning we should also transfer the drivers Skype name. For this we use the internet 1sheeld.

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Skype.ino  Arduino Mega 2560

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