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This brick has 4 connections: Gnd, +5Vdc, Out and ENable. The enable pin "EN" will disable the device when HI (Vcc) and enable when LO (GND). The on board jumper can be left open to allow external control of enable/disable of the module. I see no use for this function and would leave the jumper on and the pin disconnected. Output signal: TTL level (low level there is an obstacle, no obstacle high)

There are 2 LEDS. The red LED is the power control LED. I suppose the other LED lights up whenever an obstacles is noticed. I cannot get it to burn.

Furthermore there are 2 potentiometers mounted, to adjust the distance, the effective distance ranging from 2 ~ 40cm. There are two potentiometers on the module one controlling operating frequency (centered at 38 kHz) the other controlling intensity. The detector was designed for 38 kHz and the on board oscillator circuit is based on a 555 timer. Tweaking gives a little better range but I`d suggest leaving it alone because the useful range is narrow. It worked well as is. The maximum reliable range in my test was around 30-40 cm and depended on the type of material. A smooth white surface worked far better than a black or rough surface.

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Afb 1: IR obstacle avoidance