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How to build your own robot. This site might help you a step further. Best viewed on PC or Laptop. This site uses cookies to remember your settings. Have a peek via the menu on the left. Just click on it. Or click on one of the robots below. Or go to the parts overview

We wish you a lot of fun. (Dashboard)

/robotigs/documentatie/plaatjes/Bolderbot03_small.png Bolderbot
/robotigs/documentatie/plaatjes/2015-12-20_chassis_bolderbot_mini_small.png Bolderbot mini
/robotigs/icons/watering-flower-robot.png Flora Garden
/robotigs/icons/flower-icon.png Flora greenhouse
/robotigs/icons/Internet-of-things_icon.png Flora Internet of Things
/robotigs/icons/flower-icon.png Flora propagator
/robotigs/icons/mrBlue.png mrBlue
/robotigs/icons/tgs800.png Smelly
/robotigs/icons/musicKey_icon.png The Online Band

Just wait till your 57....
Pic 1: Propagator 2017-01-06

Just wait till your 57....
Pic 2: Bolderbot 2016-05-05

Just wait till your 57....
Pic 3: mr Blue with sensor head